DR. Shinjiro Takagi





Professional Summary

The Honorable Professor Doctor Shinjiro Takagi is Japan's preeminent insolvency expert in the areas of domestic and international bankruptcy and business revitalization. Judge Takagi focuses his practice on bankruptcy, insolvency, business reorganization, and disputes, not only in Japan but also in Asian Region.

From 2007 to 2016, he served as adviser to Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. on numerous Japanese and domestic matters. He is well-known for his work as the chair of the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan (IRCJ), an organization created by the Japanese government with a budget of more than $1 billion to accelerate restructuring of key corporations to stimulate recovery in the Japanese economy. Leading the IRCJ, he reorganized many corporations, including Mitsui Mining, Daiei, Kanebo, and Daikyo.

Admitted to the Japanese Bar in 1963, he engaged in private practice for more than 25 years before his appointment in 1988 as a judge. He heard insolvency, civil, commercial, and other business-related cases at the Tokyo District Court and move to the Yamagata and Niigata District Courts, when he served as president and chief judge. Once he returned to Tokyo, he was appointed justice to the Tokyo High Court (Court of Appeal). He was the first Bengoshi lawyer to become a judge in Japan.

Resuming private practice in 2000, he reorganized Kyoei Insurance (now The Gibraltar Life Insurance) successfully as a court-appointed trustee.  Kyoei was the largest insolvency by debt owed in Japan.

In 2001, he chaired the committee to formulate Informal Out of Court of Business Reorganization Workout Guidelines to revitalize business corporation groups, which was organized by the Japanese Bankers Association (JBA), the Japan Business Federation, and other relevant organizations. Using the Guidelines, he reorganized many large business corporations, such as Hazama Construction, Nippon Yakin Industry, Hakodate Dockyard, Iwataya Department Store, and Toyo Shutter.

From 2013 to 2017, he has also served as the chair of the Operating Commission for Personal Debt Restructuring Workout, an organization that was created by the JBA with the Financial Service Agency (Japanese Government) to assist victims whose homes were destroyed by the Tohoku tsunami and earthquake. Based on his proposal, the Business Reorganization ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution, BRADR) was created by the Industrial Competitive Power Strengthen Law in 2007, and Judge Takagi became chair in 2008 of the Selection Committee of Professionals who preside over the BRADR.

Judge Takagi also taught as a professor at Chuo University Law School from 2003 to 2006.



Recipient, Founder's Award by International Insolvency Institute (2016)

Recipient, Founder's Award by Alix Partners (2016)

Recipient, Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star bestowed by Japan's Emperor (2007)

Recipient, Outstanding Service and Contribution Award to International Insolvency by International Insolvency Institute (2005)



• The East Asian Association of Insolvency & Restructuring, Founder & First President (2013)

• International Insolvency Institute, Board of Governors (2005 - 2015)

• Japan Federation of Insolvency Practitioners, President (2003 - 2007), Honorary Chair (2008 - present)

• Education Center for Restructuring Advisors, President (2003)

• Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals, Founder and Advisor (2003 - present)

• National Network of Bankruptcy Lawyers, President (2002), Advisor (2003 - present)

• Japan Association for Business Recovery, President (2002), Advisor (2003 - present)

• Tokyo Bar Association, Chair, Insolvency Committee (1986)

• Japan Federation of Bar Association, Auditor (1985)

• Tokyo Bar Association, Auditor (1984)



• Japan Bengoshi (Attorney at Law)



• Toyo University, 2002, Doctor of Law

• The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan, 1963

• Chuo University, 1963, LL.B.



• He wrote more than 15 books and more than 300 articles regarding insolvency, civil procedures and others both in Japanese and English

• Publications written in English include following articles.

• Workouts to Reorganise Troubled Business Corporations in Asian Countries, International Corporate Rescue Volume 12, April 2015

• Amended Asian Bankers Association and Asia Pacific Informal Workout Guidelines and Model Agreement to Promote Company Restructuring, International Corporate Rescue Volume 11, February 2014

• Quasi-governmental Special Purpose Vehicles to Restructure Ailing Business Corporations in Extraordinary Times: Proposal Based on Japan's Experiences,  International Monetary Fund Volume 6, May 2013

• Proposal to Formulate Global Informal Workout Rules "Adopting Asian Banker's Association Informal Workout Guidelines" and "Model Agreement to Promote Company Restructuring by Informal Workout", INSOL Volume 22, 2013

• Debt Restructuring by Out-of-Curt Workouts in East Asia, International Corporate Rescue, Vol. 9, May 2012

• Recent Developments of Restructuring Schemes and practices in the Western Developed Countries and Inauguration of the East Asian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring,  Norton Annual Review of International Insolvency 2011 edition

• Quasi-Governmental Special Purpose Vehicle to Restructure Ailing Business Corporations in Extraordinary Times: Proposal Based on Japan's Experiences, International Corporate Rescue, Vol. 7, March 2010



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