Our Mission

Our mission is to provide businesses with the highest quality of legal services and solutions to help them meet the challenges of the day. We listen to our clients and provide the solutions to help their businesses succeed by gaining an understanding of each client’s needs. In order to help our clients respond to challenges in the ever changing environment, we continue to adapt and hone or expertise as well as collaborate with specialists in Japan and across the globe. Through our efforts, we are able to bring unique value to our clients.

Our Approach

The team assisting a client will be led by a partner with the appropriate expertise and at times, we may form a dream team with specialists from top firms located throughout the world. As a small-sized firm of renown attorneys in their respective areas of expertise, we can provide effective advice with personalized attention and agility. In the addition, we have adopted the latest in IT tools to enable us to respond to client needs swiftly.


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